Hiking in the Cascade Mountains

With family and friends at a reading

Riding a very nice camel in Egypt

About Ricki

Thanks for stopping by! You’re probably here to learn about me.  So...


  • I was the fastest runner in my third grade class. (I’ve run eight marathons since, but was never the fastest).

  • My favorite color is blue.

  • My favorite holiday is Halloween. Why? Because it’s the only holiday where you don’t have to be right with your family, your country, or your god. It’s 100% fun!

  • My second favorite color is blue.

  • My favorite place is Holden Village, a retreat center in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state. My family and I lived there for a year and snow shoed on top of 340 inches of snow.

  • Travel? Love it.  I’ve changed diapers at a Mother Teresa House in Haiti, ridden a camel in Egypt, swum at Havasu Falls, the most beautiful swimming hole anywhere, and recently walked 78 miles of the Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage route in Spain.

  • Pets? Always. I’ve had dogs (always a dog!), hamsters, white rats, turtles, ducks, a rabbit, a bantam rooster, and two chinchillas, a boy and a girl. Whoops, make that six chinchillas, no twelve, no...

  • Family? Yes! I have one husband, two biological kids (a son and a daughter), two stepsons, and an adopted daughter. (She designed my banner.)

  • I used to think being a teen-ager was hard. Now I’m sure of it!

  • Employment experiences? Elementary teacher, puppeteer, producer/director of a kids’ Shakespeare Company, food server, housekeeper, cocktail waitress.

  • Writing experiences?  My YA historical novel was published by Front Street in 2010 and was included on the Bank Street List of Best Books for Children. My poetry and essays have been published in a variety of journals and magazines, including The Threepenny Review, Passages North, Ladybug, and Highlights for Children. I have an MFA from the Vermont College Program in Writing for Children and Young Adults and am a member of SCBWI.



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